Meet Taylor Echols

Happy Man Crush Monday Book Boyfriend Salute, Readers! If you follow me on Instagram you know that every Monday I post about a different Book Boyfriend to honor them. Today, I'm celebrating the newest book boyfriend that I created, Taylor Echols from FRIENDZONE. About Taylor James Echols: Age: 18 Birthday: November 1st Sign: Scorpio Sport:... Continue Reading →


FRIENDZONE IS NOW AVAILABLE! FRIENDZONE IS OUT NOW! AVAILABLE ON AMAZON IN PAPERBACK OR KINDLE FORMAT. To get out of the Friendzone, you've got to shoot your shot... Taylor Echols… He’s my mortal enemy. My boyfriend’s best friend. He bullied me in middle school and has ignored me for all of high school. But when... Continue Reading →

Inspiration behind FRIENDZONE

“Write what you know.” -Mark Twain My book FRIENDZONE, which comes out on September 01, 2020, is loosely inspired by two separate people and events in my life. It is NOT an autobiographical or true story. I simply came up with the story of FRIENDZONE after meditating on these two events. When I was a... Continue Reading →

I Love Free Books!

I love free books! I bet you love free books too! I mean, what’s not to love about free books? They’re books and they’re free! Two of my favorite things. Speaking of free books, I’ve got a special offer to share with you today. My very first book, The Faithful Kiss (Book One of The... Continue Reading →

Summer Score-Ch

Did you know you can read 13 sports romances for FREE right now? Summer has just began and it's already SCORE-CHING hot! What hotter way to spend your summer than enjoying the sports we ALL miss? The below listed authors have "teamed" up to bring you a slew of FREE books and samples of their... Continue Reading →

Secrets Revealed

In my newsletter that went out on Monday, May 11th, I revealed all of my secrets. In case you missed it, here is the recap: Secret #1: The New FRIENDZONE Release Date! Okay, I know you have all been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for this. FRIENDZONE finally has a new release date. Are you ready... Continue Reading →

Write About It Wednesday: Flowers

Happy Wednesday, Writers! I hope you've had a good week so far! It's been a busy week for me. Writing, spending time with my family, cleaning, organizing my new office space... But all week long I've been smelling flowers. The house is full of them right now. We have flowers in vases, potted plants, and... Continue Reading →

Write About It Wednesday: Mothers

Happy Write About It Wednesday, y'all! (Yes, it is Wednesday once again in case you've lost track.) Or are things starting to go back to normal for you now? I know that some places are starting to reopen and recover from the pandemic. Texas has started partially reopening, but I'm still staying home and have... Continue Reading →

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