Write About It Wednesday: Mothers

Happy Write About It Wednesday, y’all! (Yes, it is Wednesday once again in case you’ve lost track.) Or are things starting to go back to normal for you now? I know that some places are starting to reopen and recover from the pandemic. Texas has started partially reopening, but I’m still staying home and have not returned to my day job yet since I’m immuno-compromised. This past weekend was the first weekend that the rules were lifted and it seems like half of our city flocked out to our local lake. The lines to enter the lake area and crowds were equivalent to Fourth of July or Memorial Day weekends according to the lake officials.

Speaking of weekends, this coming weekend is Mother’s Day. Are you a mother? Are you celebrating your mother? What are your plans for the weekend?

My family and I will probably order something in from my mom’s favorite restaurant and just spend a chill evening at home. Maybe rent a Prime Movie. I’m not a mother except to a bunch of furbabies (in case you were wondering).

With Mother’s Day coming up I thought Mothers would make a good topic for our Write About It Wednesday Prompts today.

Write about:

  1. Your favorite fictional mother.
  2. The day you became a mother.
  3. Your favorite memory of your mother.
  4. A character who longs to be a mother.
  5. Character visiting their mother in the hospital/nursing home/grave.
  6. How much you appreciate your mother.

*** all of these can be substituted with stepmother or guardian figure.

Subscribe to it's a writer's life for meI hope all of you Mothers, Grandmothers, Stepmothers, and Godmothers have a great Mother’s Day!

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I hope you enjoy today’s writing prompts!

Until next time,

Write on, Writers!

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