Teaser Tuesday: Super Secret Project

Happy Teaser Tuesday, y’all! I’ve got a real treat for you today. I’m dropping some big hints about what the super secret project is that I’ve been working on for the last few months in between preparing the FRIENDZONE Series for you.

It’s a whole line of books written in a different genre with a different pen name. Super spicy books. *wink*wink*

Here’s a little PG teaser of what’s to come.

It took me nearly five minutes to elbow my way across the dance floor to the bar. People were crammed like sardines in the club. It has to be a serious fire code violation. I don’t like crowds and I’m beginning to feel more and more anxious by the minute as I try to fight my way to the bar top. Elbow jabs, toe smashing, and shoving are all taking place as the crowd surrounding the bar scuffle for the attention of the overwhelmed bartender.
“Whatchu drinking, mami?” a man in a military dress blue uniform asks. He’s leaned up against the bar looking very comfortable as if he’s been there all night. The club is dark so I feel more than see his eyes as the explore the curves of my body. He licks his lips as if he has just spotted a delectable dish he cannot wait to taste. I know his type. They sweated after me in college. The cocky players who think with their looks, smooth lines, and a cheap drink they can charm their way into my bed, or any other woman’s bed. They’re not too picky.
“At ease, soldier-” I roll my eyes at him about to tell him I’m a perfectly capable independent woman who can manage to get her own drink.
A chorus of groans rises up from the crowd that surrounds the bar – a groan I’d expect to hear down at the sports bar after our local favorite quarterback takes a big hit. Mr. Smooth gasps and clutches his chest like he’s in pain.
“I try to do the kind and gentlemanly thing by offering to get your drink for you, and you insult me. You’re a ball buster aren’t you, mami?”

More info on this project and my new pen name will be coming soon! Keep a watch here on the website, my social media, and your emails!

Can’t wait for the big reveal!

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