Write About It Wednesday: Spring Cleaning

Hello, and Happy Wednesday, friends! (Yes, it’s Wednesday for those of you who have lost track.)

With so much spare time on my hands, I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning, rearranging furniture, and organizing. I guess it’s right on time for Spring Cleaning this year. But, I don’t do it first thing in the morning like maybe a “normal” person would. No, I am a night owl, so ten o’clock at night rolls around and I think, “Hm… right now seems like a perfectly good and reasonable time to start organizing my closet.” (Which is a true story. I really did that.) It ended up working out well though, because while everyone else headed off to their rooms to go to bed, I took all the clothes and shoes out of my closet and spread them all over the living room so I could deep clean and reorganize my closet.

I joked on my private Facebook the other day that this sudden cleaning kick has me feeling and acting like  a mom who just found out that company is coming.


If you haven’t guessed by now, this sudden cleaning frenzy is the inspiration behind today’s prompt: Spring Cleaning.

Write About:

  1. Write about a neat-freak character who goes overboard with Spring Cleaning.
  2. Write about witches/wizards/sorcerers/pagan culture performing a cleaning ritual.
  3. Write about your own Spring Cleaning experience.
  4. Write about a Cinderella/maid type character’s day-to-day life.
  5. Write a funny Quarantine Ad for a cleaning product. (real or imaginary product.)

Subscribe to it's a writer's life for meHave you been doing a lot of cleaning during the Stay at Home Orders? Do you “Spring Clean” every year? Were your parents the “Freak out and clean because company is coming” type when you were growing up? Are you that person now? Let me know in the comments!

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I hope you enjoy today’s writing prompts!

Until next time,


Write on, Writers!

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