Review for “Beautiful Collision” by Tori Alvarez

beautiful collision by tori alvarez coverAbout Beautiful Collision by Tori Alvarez

They are both running from their family legacies…

Raised on the wrong side of town with a mother who fell for every man with money, Toni refuses to fall for a pretty face. Her mom did a great job of showing her men were only good for heartbreak. She will depend on no man to be her knight in shining armor. They are only a means to an end to escape the life she is destined to live if she does not claw her way out.

Due to inherit his dad’s cattle empire, Garrett trusts no woman. They fall all over him to get closer to his last name and money. He is searching for his equal—one he can care for but who is able and willing to do it on her own.

Neither of them is honest about their pasts or families. One is looking for true love and the other is avoiding it at all costs. Will this cowboy be able to soften her hardened heart?


My Review:

4 star book review
Beautiful Collision is the story of Toni and Garrett.
Toni is struggling to reconcile the “hood life” she came from and the college life she is currently living.
Garrett wants to be loved for who he is and not for what his family can offer a woman.
Both characters are filled with secrets, and trust issues.
This is a sweet and sad story with a HEA.
The characters are real and interesting with great back stories.
I love the side characters: Alex, Javie, and Lola.
If you enjoy New Adult/College romance one-click and add this to your Kindle.
beautiful collision by tori alvarez flat lay its a writers life for me book review


Learn more about Tori Alvarez and Beautiful Collision here.

Buy Beautiful Collision here.

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