Write About It Wednesday: Healthy Eating

Happy Write About It Wednesday, Writers

This week in my personal life I am really trying to refocus on healthy eating. Get back to cooking meals, counting my calories, focusing on macros and micros, making sure that I am buying and cooking foods that are good for me and nourish my body instead of eating whatever is convenient and tastes good. I admit that I’ve been eating junk, junk, and more junk during this whole pandemic and quarantine situation. Ordering a lot of takeout and not really doing any meal planning since shopping was difficult with so many items being out of stock constantly and trying to do all of my shopping through online ordering and delivery.

Anyways, this isn’t a recipe, health food, or diet blog, this is a writing blog, so let’s get down to the writing. With my personal thoughts being centered around healthy eating this week that is our theme for today’s Write About It Wednesday.

Writing Prompts and Ideas for Character Development:

  • What does eating healthy look like to your character? Are they a health nut or does healthy eating to them mean getting a burger with all the veggies?
  • Are your characters in a sci-fi or fantasy world? Are their foods the same there or do they eat unusual items?
  • Write about a character who is obsessed with healthy eating and weight loss.
  • Write about a character who works for a diet company.
  • Write about a government conspiracy surrounding food, agriculture, and the diet industry.
  • Write about your own journey with healthy eating.
  • Write about a character with an eating disorder.
  • Write about a character with special diet requirements and/or food allergies.

    Subscribe to it's a writer's life for meDid the COVID-19 Pandemic and Quarantine mess up your health/eating/diet goals for 2020? Do you meal prep? Have you ever thought about your WIP characters’ eating habits? Tell me in the comments!

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    I hope you enjoy today’s writing prompts!

    Until next time,

    Write on, Writers!

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