Summer Score-Ch

Did you know you can read 13 sports romances for FREE right now?

Summer has just began and it’s already SCORE-CHING hot! What hotter way to spend your summer than enjoying the sports we ALL miss?

The below listed authors have “teamed” up to bring you a slew of FREE books and samples of their SPORTS romances. All these titles have sports involved! Baseball, football, basketball and SO much more.

Books from: Michelle C. Hillstrom, Shanna Swenson, Nicole Rodrigues, J.D. Park, Ava Greene, Trisha Harley McCarthy, Mya Grey, Ruby Rose,Eden Rayna, Lily Roberts, Kathy Obuszewski, Simone Rivers, and Melissa Belle.

Available for free for a limited time. Promo runs through July 5th.


Included in this book promo is a sneak peek at the first eight chapters of my upcoming friends-to-lovers release: FRIENDZONE!

Get them all here!



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