Insomnia – A Book of Poetry Release

My new book Insomnia was released on October 16, 2017.

insomnia on amazonInsomnia is a collection of poetry by author Michelle C. Hillstrom. It is at night when we lay in the dark, waiting to fall asleep, that our thoughts can drift off and begin thinking about the things we try to push away in the light of day. The dark thoughts and feelings. The experiences we don’t want to remember. The dark begets dark. Is Insomnia to blame for the thoughts that creep in at night or is the Insomnia a side effect of a dark mind? The poems within this anthology are late night insomniatic musings covering topics of relationships, love, pain, creativity, the Marine Corps, and life. Sexual assault, depression, and suicide are also frequent topics. Because of this we wish to inform possible readers to proceed with caution. Michelle C. Hillstrom believes that these are timely topics that unfortunately too many people, including herself, have been touched by. Michelle C. Hillstrom wrote these poems spanning a time period of seventeen years. Many were written in the middle of the night when her brain refused to quiet down and allow her to sleep — thus the inspiration for the title. We hope you enjoy: Insomnia.

So far I’ve received one five star review.

insomnia review

Releasing this book has been an emotional experience for me, because the poems are all very personal and they document very specific times in my life. I look at the poems and remember exactly what I was doing, thinking, feeling, and experiencing at the times that they were written. Every book that an author writes comes from their heart and soul, but this one in-particular makes me feel like the readers are staring directly into every dark corner… into my very essence.

As usual I published my paperback through Createspace and the Kindle version through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. I usually purchase my book covers from CreativeParamita, but I felt like a simple cover made through CreateSpace’s cover creator would be fine for this book. In my opinion it does not need an elaborate cover and in fact I feel the dark and subdued cover is more fitting and expressive of the book’s tone.

I have lots of news and updates to share with you, but I’ll save them for more posts to come later this week.


Michelle C. Hillstrom

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