Halloween Writing Prompts

Halloween always brings out my creative side and keeps my Muse working overtime, but if you’re having trouble getting started on this All Hallows’ Eve, I’ve got a list of writing prompts to help you get started.

  1. Your pumpkin starts talking to you after you carve it.
  2. Tell the story of Halloween from the candy’s perspective.
  3. You go to a Halloween Party where the punch is really a magic potion.
  4. As I walked up the jack-o’-lantern lit path, I saw…
  5. Tell a Halloween tale from the perspective of a jack-o’-lantern sitting on the porch.
  6. Create an advertisement to sell a haunted house.
  7. Create your own witch’s brew recipe.img_6943
  8. At midnight on Halloween, the same thing happens every year…
  9. Silver moonlight illuminates a familiar name on a tombstone…
  10. Your bedroom closet is a gateway to another dimension.

I hope these Halloween writing prompts help you scare up some spooky stories!

Happy Halloween, Ghoulies!



Michelle C. Hillstrom – Author

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