Coming December 26th! Available for Pre-Order Starting Novemeber 1st! To get out of the Friendzone, you've got to shoot your shot...   Taylor Echols… He’s my mortal enemy. My boyfriend’s best friend. He bullied me in middle school and has ignored me for all of high school. But when tragedy strikes and I experience an... Continue Reading →

Time Management Tips for Writers

Some authors write a lot faster than others. Lucky them. I am definitely not one of the fast writers. But many authors get writer’s block and stress over their work. Still other struggle to meet their deadlines while trying to stay caught up with everyday life. Time management can help solve these issues. Here are... Continue Reading →

Motivation Monday – Fear Setting

Happy Monday, Writers! I hope you had a great weekend! Did you check out the football game that happened during the middle of the Justin Timberlake concert? Now that the big game and half-time show are over, it is time to get back to the real world. We’re starting the week off like we always... Continue Reading →

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