Write About It Wednesday – Book Signing

Happy Hump Day, Writers! This weekend I will have booth at Lubbock-con to sign and sell books. That’s why this week’s WRITING Writing Word of the Week Book SigningWORD OF THE WEEK is BOOK SIGNING. It’s not your typical book signing since it doesn’t take place at a book store, but it’s important to take every opportunity to get your book out to the masses and to take time to interact with your audience and fans. We will be talking more about book signing on Friday for Free Topic Friday, but first…

Your Write About It Wednesday Prompts:

  1. Write about your favorite book signing that you have attended or your number one bucket list book signing you wish you could attend. (Non-Fiction/Blogging)
  2. Write about your first book signing as an author. (Non-Fiction/Blogging)
  3. Write about a book signing that takes an unexpected dramatic turn. (Fiction)

Take your prompts and get to writing! See you Friday for Free Topic Friday!

Write On, Writers!

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