Write About It Wednesday – Cruise

Welcome to another Write About It Wednesday! This week my mind has been on Cruises. My brother and sister-in-law just got back from a cruise to Cozumel. They went with some friends for a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party. They’ve been posting photos and sharing stories about the experiences and adventures they had during their trip. It turns... Continue Reading →

Write About It Wednesday – Resolutions

Write About It Wednesdays are all about giving you something to write about! This is the third installment of our Write About It Wednesdays meaning we have already given you six prompts to write about, and hopefully you have found them helpful and inspiring so far. Today’s Write About It Topic is: RESOLUTIONS Write about... Continue Reading →

Motivation Monday – The New Year

Happy New Year, Writers! Today’s Motivation Monday obviously falls on New Year’s Day, so The New Year is what we are focusing on today. The New Year is all about letting go of the past and starting over fresh. Making new goals and creating a new and improved you. In our case, we are letting... Continue Reading →

Free Topic Friday – Flash Fiction

Free Topic Friday is just that – a day that we are free to discuss any writing topic. From How-Tos, to writing advice, publishing, journaling, blogging, anything! This will be a weekly blogpost just like our Motivation Mondays and Write About It Wednesdays. Our first topic for Free Topic Friday is: Flash Fiction.Unless you are... Continue Reading →

No Writing is Wasted

No writing is wasted. There is purpose for every word you write. Whether you publish your work, whether your work is just for you. Whether it’s journaling, blogging, or poetry. There is a purpose behind all of it. Creativity. Expression. Practice. Growth. Passion. Authors who publish their work often must “kill their darlings,” or cut... Continue Reading →

A New Opportunity

Something exciting has just happened. A possible new opportunity to grow my writing career and reach more people with my novels. I belong to a Facebook book club called “Lady Leathernecks & Paperbacks,” (a Female Marine Book Club), and one of the members posted asking if any of the other members were writers. (Hello! Yours... Continue Reading →

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