Motivation Monday – The New Year

Happy New Year, Writers!

Today’s Motivation Monday obviously falls on New Year’s Day, so The New Year is what we are focusing on today.

The New Year is all about letting go of the past and starting over fresh. Making new goals and creating a new and improved you.

In our case, we are letting go of whatever went wrong in our writing careers in 2017. Whether it was writer’s block, rejection letters, NaNoWriMo failure, messy manuscripts, or poor book sales. In 2018 we are starting with a clean slate and a new chance to make our writing career all that we want it to be.

Whatever a successful writing career will mean to you this year, that is what we want you to focus on. Set goals for yourself. An over all year goal with monthly, weekly, and daily goals that will help you meet that year end goal. Goals are the big key to success. Write them out and keep track of those goals every day. This will keep you focused and on track for success.

Your first goal for today is to let go of whatever negativity you are holding on to from last year. Delete your rejection emails or burn those rejection letters. Forget about the negative reviews. Move on to a new work-in-progress if the one you were working on last year is just filling you with dread and leaves you feeling uninspired.

Start fresh this year. Work on what you are passionate about and inspired by.

And your next goal: is to set your goals. Do it now! Prepare yourself for a successful year.

We wish you a successful and happy 2018. Stay motivated! What is your year end goal? Tell us about it in the comments!

See you Wednesday for Write About It Wednesday! Make sure to add WAIW to your Wednesday goals!

Write On, Writers!

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