My Author Toolbox

Hi friends! Happy Sunday and Happy Easter (if you're celebrating). For today's blog post, I thought I would give you an inside peek at what programs, apps, websites, etc I use for writing, editing, marketing... Everything I use in my writing/author career. I frequently see new authors/writers asking what programs people recommend, so if you've... Continue Reading →

Write About It Wednesday: Spring

Welcome to Write About It Wednesday, Writers, and Happy Spring! Yesterday was the Spring Equinox, so it is official, Spring is here! Even if Mother Nature hasn't quite got the message yet. I hear some of you are expecting another snow storm. Here in my part of the world, it's just another windy, dirt-blowing day.... Continue Reading →

Time Management Tips for Writers

Some authors write a lot faster than others. Lucky them. I am definitely not one of the fast writers. But many authors get writer’s block and stress over their work. Still other struggle to meet their deadlines while trying to stay caught up with everyday life. Time management can help solve these issues. Here are... Continue Reading →

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