Ways Short Stories Can Earn You Money

Happy Friday, Writers! I hope you have had a good Spring Break if you are one of the lucky few who had this week off. Hopefully with that extra spare time you were able to crank out a decent word count!

Today we are talking about some pieces that have a smaller word count. Short Stories.

Short stories can help you earn money in a number of way. The digital age has created a new interest in short, sharp fiction, as the internet generation looks for “snackable”, entertaining content to help pass the time when they are waiting for the bus, sitting in the doctor’s office, and so on.

1. Building Your Name and Brand

Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we consume content. So has blogging. If you want to get your name in front of an eager audience, write briefly and consistently pexels-photo-920387.jpegand you should soon develop a fan base.

In addition to your blog or site, try other prominent short story sharing sites. Wattpad allows all users to upload their stories and for others to read them for free. Scribd is like a Spotify or Netflix for books. As soon as you upload your short stories online, they transform into sleek looking wonders that captures the attention of eager eyes. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn some money, so Scribd could be your new best friend. Many writer’s also use Tumblr to share their short stories.

If you ever do decide to try to work with a traditional publisher, they will ask about your marketing ideas. A built-in fan base could be just what you need to tip the scales in your favor if you want to sell your novel.

2. Getting Paid Directly

You can publish your work on Amazon through the Kindle Singles program or through Kindle Direct Publishing and get paid for your work regularly. Amazon also offers a Short Reads section in which customers can choose content by genre and word count/time it takes to read. They’ve also created Day One Magazine to showcase short fiction from new authors. Tell your fan base your work is on sale and you could be one of Amazon’s top writers in no time.

3. Anthologies Have Become Popular

The Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books confused publishers at first, but now it is a tried-and-tested business model. Anthologies are easy to create, cheap and can get your name noticed – especially if there are some top writers in your genre contributing. In many cases, the profits will be donated to charity, but you can gain a great deal of prestige. Check out Writer’s Digest and Writer’s Relief to find requests for submissions.

4. Published Is Published

It doesn’t matter if it is only a short story. If you are accepted and printed online or on paper, or if you self/indie publish, you are a published author.

5. Contests Can Be Profitable

Entering contests with cash prizes can help you earn money as an author, provided the entry fees are not too high and the contest is a reputable one. Here’s a list of Short Story Contests being held this year.

6. Contests Can Add to Your Resume

Winning a prize in a well-known contest can help establish your credibility as a professional writer.

7. Short Stories Are Quick, Easy and Funshort stories book and kindle writers life

They can help keep your interested in writing when things might otherwise seem like a lot of hard work. If you’re suffering from writer’s block on your novel, look for a contest with a stimulating topic and write a great short story for it.

8. Movie Makers Are Always Looking for Good Content

Around 70% of films come from fiction that inspires a director or producer. Short stories with strong characters and a gripping twist in the tale are ideal.

9. Short Stories Build Your List

Your author list at Amazon will grow, and with it, your visibility as a writer worth paying attention to.

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So get to writing those short stories, Writers! Earn some cash and make a name for yourself.

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Until Next Time, Writers!

Write on!

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