Write About It Wednesday – Mix It Up

Welcome to Write About It Wednesday!

This week is a little bit different. I’m not going to give you writing prompts exactly. Instead, I want you to Mix It Up!

When we write the same kinds of stories, posts, books, and poems over and over again in the same genre our writing can become stagnant. We stop growing as writers. We rest on our laurels and the techniques that we are comfortable and familiar with.

So today I want you to Write About Anything as long as you write it in a different genre from what you typically write.

If you write romance, I want you to write mystery or thrillers or non-fiction…. Anything other than romance.

If you write poetry, try writing a short story instead.

If you write biographies, try writing poetry.

Just get outside your comfort zone!

Give your brain a chance to think and create in a new and different way from what it has grown used to.

I hope your little writing gears are grinding away in your head, ready to set pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

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Until next time,

Write on, Writers!

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