Review for “Between the Waves” by Ellie Malouff

between the waves coverAbout “Between the Waves” by Ellie Malouff

Sex, suspense, and romance in one enticing tale of former pro surfer Jake Garrant and a mysterious woman who calls herself Audrey Logan.

I moved to a small town on the island of Maui, ready to live out my days on my own and far away from the monster I left back in Chicago.

It was the perfect reset until I needed something more. Someone more.

When I met Jake, the hottest guy in board shorts this side of the island, I started living again. He’s teaching me how to surf, making my toes curl from pleasure, and is the one person I want to let into my world, with one condition…

He can never know my real name.

No one can.

Because if I’m found, I’ll have to give up the life I’m building with Jake.

Where did this girl come from?

My life was on a straight trajectory—waking up at dawn, getting my brother off to school, heading to the shop, and watching surfers come and go—until a beautiful woman named Audrey Logan moved to town. She’s guarded and mysterious, but I’m drawn to her in a way I can’t resist.

I’m determined to break down her walls one surfing lesson at a time, in hopes that she’ll stay in Maui and let me love her, come what may.


My Review:


Quick, fun, and swoon-worthy
I want my own demi-god-like surfer after reading this book! Jake is so yummy!
You’ll feel like you just took a trip Hawaii after reading this one because Ellie Malouff does such a great job creating the scene.
Such a fun book with well-developed and likable characters! Add this to your TBR!

Learn more about Ellie Malouff here.

Buy “Between the Waves” here.

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