Review for “The Other Lane: A Modern Fairy Tale”

the other laneAbout The Other Lane: A Modern Fairy Tale by Marla Holt

Lane Benjamin never believed in fairy tales. Once upon a time, she had big dreams, but they never seemed to come true.
Divorced, disappointed, and still a barista at twenty-seven, she feels like she’s had an anti-Fairy Godmother.
Then one day, the devastatingly handsome and much too old for her Abe Fujikawa confesses his feelings for her. Simultaneously, the chance to become a full-time artist drops in her lap.
Has her luck changed? Is there a Fairy Godmother after all?
If she can only keep an old flame and her own fear from derailing her, maybe, just maybe, Lane has a shot at a creating her own happily ever after.
The Other Lane is a medium spicy romance set in modern day Midwest where the heroine saves herself and still gets her happily ever after.


My Review:


The Other Lane started out a little bit slow for me, but once it picked up I couldn’t put the book down. Lane is a strong and talented woman with a tragic past. Her past and the pasts of her love interests keep the angst levels high. You’ll wonder if these characters will ever work it out and find their happy endings. At one point while reading, I’m pretty sure I literally felt my heart breaking.
Great story from Ms. Marla Holt. Add this one to your must-read-list.

Learn more about The Other Lane and Marla Holt here.

Buy The Other Lane here.

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