Review for “Never Forget” by Melanie A. Smith

never forget coverAbout “Never Forget (The Safeguarded Heart Book Three)” by Melanie A. Smith

Just when Serafina Evans seems to have figured out how to make the relationships in her life work, the loose ends she knew might come back to haunt her threaten to unravel it all. But if she’s learned anything from her hardships, it’s how to let the people who care about her in, to trust them, and lean on them to ride out the storm. Until fate deals a hand that changes everything. Sera is smart and resourceful, but that won’t help her now. And she thought she was done safeguarding her heart, but is she? Is she doomed to return to protecting herself from harm or will she find a way to persevere without closing herself off forever?


My Review:


“Never forget how much I love you.” ***squeals***
I loved the first two books in The Safeguarded Heart Series, and the third book lives up to them, if not surpassed.
Melanie A. Smith always provides a beautiful, emotional roller coaster for her readers that we never want to end. She has created characters that I want to revisit again and again. They feel very real, like they could be people I know in my own life. This has been a BEAUTIFUL love story with a super swoon-worthy book boyfriend.
I look forward to reading many more books from Ms. Smith in the future.

Learn more about Melanie A. Smith here.

Buy “Never Forget” and the rest of “The Safeguarded Heart” Series here.

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