Expansion and New Products and Services

IT’S A WRITER’S LIFE FOR ME has expanded from just a blog to a website designed for writers. A hub of information on the writing process and self-publishing. We have big plans in store for our business and website. Big plans to provide you with information, services, and merchandise to enhance your writing career and life.

Our first expansion just launched with the start of our new IT’S A WRITER’S LIFE FOR ME merchandise shop. In our shop you can find shirts, accessories, and household items to represent your writer’s life. Let the world know that the writer’s life is the only life for you. Be reminded of the dream you are chasing every time you see your IT’S A WRITER’S LIFE FOR ME merchandise.

writer's life shop

Shop the merchandise here!

Our next expansion will be coming in the next few weeks. Our printable worksheets expansion. You will be able to download worksheets to help with the worldbuilding, outlining, plotting, and character development aspects of the writing process.

We are also working to develop writing and self-publishing-how-to books, writing and self-publishing courses and webinars.

Be sure you stay up-to-date with expansions, products, and services by subscribing to the blog.

What other services or products would you like to see from IT’S A WRITER’S LIFE FOR ME? Tell us in the comments.

Write on, Writers!


Michelle C. Hillstrom

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