Expansion and New Products and Services

IT’S A WRITER’S LIFE FOR ME has expanded from just a blog to a website designed for writers. A hub of information on the writing process and self-publishing. We have big plans in store for our business and website. Big plans to provide you with information, services, and merchandise to enhance your writing career and... Continue Reading →

How Do You Start Writing?

I’ve seen this question posed in several writing groups lately by people who want to become writers, “How do you start writing?” As if there is some top-secret magic trick that we writers have been holding out on the world. The secret is...  you just start writing. That’s it. If you want to write, you... Continue Reading →

Plotting at Writer’s Chapter

Today Writer’s Chapter met for our weekly meeting. Writer’s Chapter is just a small group of local writers who get together once a week to talk about writing, the writing business, and to work on our writing in a social environment. It gets us out and helps us to emerge from our dark, lonely writing... Continue Reading →

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