“A Kiss of Betrayal” Countdown Sale

I’ve been trying to focus on Marketing and making more book sales. For the next seven days “A Kiss of Betrayal: Élisabet’s Story (Book Three of The Kiss Series)” will be on sale for $2.99 marked down from $4.99.akob sales page

I’ve been basically spamming every writing and reading group that I belong to on Facebook with the link, a tip I received from one of those “How to be a super awesome and rich self-published author” type books.

The Kiss series 3 book coversI chose to put “A Kiss of Betrayal” on sale because it is the most expensive book of the three. “The Faithful Kiss” and “The Possessive Kiss” are both price at $2.99 regularly. I am able to take $2.00 off of “A Kiss of Betrayal” and still stay in the 70% royalties bracket. Also, I was hoping that potential customers would be encouraged to buy all three books from “The Kiss Series” or that past customers who had not purchased “A Kiss of Betrayal” yet because it was listed at a higher cost would go ahead and buy it during the sale.

I haven’t received any sales on Amazon over the last couple weeks, prior to this marketing campaign, but I have been getting a fair number of pages read and I sold a few signed books that I had in my personal stock. I am hopeful that this campaign will provide me with at least a few sales.kdp report

The success of this marketing campaign is TBD. I will let check in and update you throughout the next seven days if there is any activity.



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