My Muse is a Diva


My writing muse is a diva. She looks like your stereotypical Greek Muse (think the muses from the Disney movie Hercules as pictured above), but she is sassy, snotty, inconsiderate, and diva-licious. I have named her Diana Ross. Let me just go ahead and state that this in no way reflects upon the Great Diana Ross. My Diana Ross, however, only comes to work when she damn well feels like it, and when she does show up, she has no consideration for whatever else might be going on. She demands that work be done when she decides to grace me with her presence.

Oh, I have to wake up early in the morning for a meeting? Too bad, so sad. Diana Ross is going to keep me up all night long filling my brain with her chitchatter. Have plans to sit down and write all day? Diana Ross is no where to be found. She’s probably sleeping off a hangover. Diana Ross does what Diana Ross damn well pleases. And if she has something to say she demands to be heard, because she is Diana Ross.

Tell me about your writing muse in the comments!

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