Write About It Wednesday – Resolutions

Write About It Wednesdays are all about giving you something to write about! This is the third installment of our Write About It Wednesdays meaning we have already given you six prompts to write about, and hopefully you have found them helpful and inspiring so far. Today’s Write About It Topic is: RESOLUTIONS Write about... Continue Reading →

My Muse is a Diva

My writing muse is a diva. She looks like your stereotypical Greek Muse (think the muses from the Disney movie Hercules as pictured above), but she is sassy, snotty, inconsiderate, and diva-licious. I have named her Diana Ross. Let me just go ahead and state that this in no way reflects upon the Great Diana... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: After the War

Flash Fiction: After the War © Michelle C. Hilstrom 2015 Before I left for The War, my daughter and I used to go to the park together while my wife attended her Bible Studies class at the church. My daughter loved to swing at that park. She’d swing so high she’d ask me if she... Continue Reading →

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