Review of “Swimming Sideways” by CL Walters

swimming sideways

About Swimming Sideways by CL Waters

What do you do when your world has fallen apart, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to put it back together?

Abby Kaiāulu (Kaw ee aw oo loo) gets the chance to start over when her family relocates from Hawaii to a small town on the Oregon coast.

But she’s hiding a secret.

Leaving the past and the cultural lessons of her Hawaiian grandfather behind, Abby redefines who she is to hide it. There’s Good Abby – she makes and follows the rules – and there’s Bad Abby – she always questions them. But both leave Abby wondering: which one is she really?

Her road of self-discovery takes her on a journey where she must discover the truth of who she is as a daughter, a sister, a woman, a Hawaiian and as a friend.

But just when she thinks her world might be coming back together, it falls apart all over again.


My Review:


Just finished reading Swimming Sideways (Book 1 of The Cantos Chronicles) by CL Walters. The book is a beautiful young adult novel with relatable and heartbreaking characters. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into The Hawaiian culture and language. The love triangle kept be going back and forth on which love interest I was rooting for. The cliff hanger will have you running to amazon to buy the next book.


Learn more about Swimming Sideways and CL Walters here.

Buy Swimming Sideways here.

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