Review of “Her Dirty Secret” by Melanie A. Smith

her dirty secretAbout Her Dirty Secret by Melanie A. Smith

From best-selling author Melanie A. Smith comes the fourth book in a series of steamy contemporary romance novels.

A forbidden affair that’s practically irresistible…

Emily Hoyt is often referred to as a “free spirit,” but she knows that’s just a nice way to say “flake.” Thick-skinned and stubborn, she doesn’t let it bother her — she simply does what makes her happy. It’s a hard thing to pull off living in the shadow of her perfect big brother, who does everything right. So when big brother Bryce unexpectedly announces he’s married his perfect match, Emily once again feels the pressure to be more than the meandering musician she is.

At exactly the moment she needs it, an opportunity presents itself in an unforeseen way. Alessandro Giordano is the lying, selfish bastard who once hurt her brother’s now-wife. Emily had him pegged as bad news. But when they meet at the engagement-turned-wedding celebration, they’re both looking to escape, and the instant chemistry they have pushes them together.

Is their attraction just a diversion, or could it really be more? Is Alessandro truly capable of the selflessness committing to one woman requires? And will that really be the deal-breaker for Emily, or is it the idea of being tied down that will get in her way? The pursuit of love can devastate us, or it can liberate us — if only we can get out of our own way.

Note: Book Four in this series can be read as a standalone but should be read in order to avoid spoilers.


My Review:


I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH! I’ve been a fan of Alessandro since book one and I’m so happy we get more of him in this book! ***SWOON***
Melanie Smith just keeps getting better and better! Her writing in this book is sexy and beautiful. The characters are well developed and you just can’t help loving them!
I was honored to receive an ARC copy of this book and am now an even bigger fan of her work.
This is a beautiful conclusion to “The Safeguarded Heart” Series.


Learn more about Her Dirty Secret and Melanie A. Smithhere.

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