Review for “Ethan & Juliet” by Marla Holt

Ethan & JulietAbout Ethan & Juliet by Marla Holt

When Juliet Hawthorne met Dr. Ethan Harvey during her final semester of nursing school, she thought he was hot, but too arrogant to be worth the trouble. Plus she had Rich, the only man Juliet thought she’d ever want. But when Juliet’s world shattered, Ethan was the only one there for her.
Ethan hasn’t let himself think about Juliet in four years. But when she shows up at his hospital with an emergency patient, Ethan realizes that Juliet is still the woman of his dreams, even if she’s about to become a certified nurse midwife. Ethan’s never had much time for midwives, but he’s willing to set his discomfort aside, because she’s exactly what’s been missing from his life.
When Ethan sets out to woo her, Juliet is forced to choose between the career that has given her life purpose and the man she never thought she’d fall in love with.
Ethan & Juliet is an opposite attract medium spicy second chance romance with a perfect age gap and a modern fairy tale happily ever after.

My Review:


Ethan & Juliet by Marla Holt had me hooked from the beginning! This is a sweet love story with realistic life struggles and characters whom I felt very invested in – so much so that I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning reading.
This is a great combination of contemporary, second chance, and opposites attract romance.
Make Ethan & Juliet by Marla Holt your next read!

Learn more about Marla Holt and Ethan & Juliet here.

Buy Ethan & Juliet here.

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