Review for “Yours Truly, Cammie” by S.J. Sylvis

YOURSTRULY CAMMIEAbout Yours Truly, Cammie by S.J. Sylvis

I follow one rule in life: Don’t get involved with a Marine.
After this past year of heart-wrenching misery, and an entire childhood as daughter of one of the highest ranked officers in the Marine Corps, I’ve had enough of saying goodbye. I’ve had enough heartbreak to last me a lifetime.
But in an attempt to avoid an awkward run-in with a previous blind date, whom I may or may not have abandoned mid-dinner, I found myself standing in an exam room with Lucas Wells. He was exceptionally handsome on the outside, but the second he started to run that egotistical mouth of his, I wanted to do one of two things: smack him or kiss him.
Lucas Wells, the United States Marine, has me bending my rule in more ways than one.
But the real question is, will I succumb to breaking my rule altogether, or will he break me before I even get the chance?


My Review:


“I follow one rule in life: Don’t get involved with a Marine.”
As a Female Marine, when I saw that line, I knew I had to read this book. Because almost every Female Marine has given herself that same rule at one point. LOL
I loved this book so much. Cammie, Luke, Ryan, and JoJo are all very real and relatable characters. I could pinpoint people in my own life who are just like these characters. Fun, stubborn, smart ass, playful, loving…
This is a great frenemies-to-Lovers and military romance mashup that will make you laugh, make you swoon, and make you feel like your heart is breaking.
I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves a sexy man in uniform (and who doesn’t?!?!)

Learn more about Yours Truly, Cammie and S.J. Sylvis here.

Buy Yours Truly, Cammie here.

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