Write About It Wednesday: Spring Break

Throughout the month of March millions of students across America have been enjoying Spring Break.

It’s been a long time since I was in school and enjoyed Spring Break, but I still remember my most favorite Spring Break Adventures.

When I was in eighth and ninth grade my theater teacher took a bunch of us to New York to sightsee and watch Broadway musicals. It was THE BEST TIME EVER! The first musical I ever saw live was The Phantom of the Opera and it was an otherworldly-heavenly-magical experience. I always enjoyed the musicals that I grew up watching on VHS: Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Grease, CATS, but nothing prepared me for how extraordinary it was to see musicals performed live like that.

And coming from small town Texas, being in New York City was an amazing adventure. Seeing the culture and power of the hustle and bustle of NYC.

Vacations can be transformative experiences and that is what we are going to write about this week.

Write About Spring Break:

  1. Write about a Spring Break Romance. Is it a spring break fling or long time thing? Friends to lovers or strangers to lovers? Does what happen on Spring Break stay on spring break?
  2. Write about a family national lampoon’s style spring break vacation.
  3. Write about a teacher on spring break.
  4. Write about your own favorite spring break.
  5. Write about a life changing spring break experience. Is this change for the better or worse?

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Until next time,

Write on, Writers!

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