#MeToo Book Now Available

#metoo a collection of true story crimes against womenFor close to a year, I have been gathering stories from women around the world. These stories are their real experiences with sexual harassment, sexual assault, and all types of abuse.

I was moved to put this collection together after I began writing about my own assaults and I realized that I found it very therapeutic to put the story of these assaults down on paper. When #MeToo went viral it dawned on me that other women might find writing their stories therapeutic as well, and if the stories were put together in a book, other women might gain something from reading the stories of other women too.

I felt very alone after my assaults and knowing that other women out there had experiences similar to mine helped me feel not alone. #MeToo isn’t just a movement online. It is a community of survivors lifting each other up.



MeToo: A Collection of True Story Crimes Against Women is a collection of True Story ME TOO A COLLECTION OF TRUE STORY CRIMES AGAINST WOMENExperiences written in women’s own words. These poems and stories chronicle crimes and the effects that the experiences had on each woman.

This collection details
-Sexual harassment
-Sexual, Emotional, and Physical Abuse

Michelle C. Hillstrom chose to compile this collection of stories to share her own #metoo stories as well as to give a voice to women every where who had stories to share. For the women who had been brave and strong enough to speak up at the time and for the women who have suffered for years in silence. For the victims, the survivors, and the people who feel alone in their pain. This book is to show you that you’re not alone.

Proceeds from the sales of this collection will be donated to help sexual assault survivors.

#MeToo_ A Collection of True Story Crimes Against Women NOW Available on Amazon Paperback and Kindle

#MeToo: A Collection of True Story Crimes Against Women NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON




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