NaNoWriMo Day 2: Four Funerals and a Wedding

Happy Friday, Writers!

It’s Day Two of National Novel Writing Month. I hope day one went well for you and that all the words are flowing smoothly. I ended the night last night with 3,021 words. I was hoping to reach four thousand, but I was worn out from staying up late the night before and started having trouble concentrating.

For day one, I was writing the opening scene of Friendzone which takes place during a funeral. For the first time while I was writing, I started to cry, which I feel pretty proud of. I was discussing this fact during and Instagram Story video last night (make sure you are following me on Insta so you can watch my videos!) when I came to the realization that ALL of my books have funerals in them… That’s not weird, is it? Friendzone starts with a funeral, The Possessive Kiss starts with a funeral, The Faithful Kiss ends with a funeral, and there is a funeral in the middle of A Kiss of Betrayal. So, I guess I have some sort of weird funeral signature in my books. My readers can always count on my books having a funeral in them. Hence, where the title of this blog post comes from. Now, to be fair, there are actually two weddings, and a sort of commitment ceremony in my books, but that doesn’t play as well in the title.

The Kiss Series by Michelle Hillstrom

So, I started trying to figure out what it is about funerals that makes me want to write about them in all of my books. Well, first of all, three of the books are about vampires, so clearly death plays a large role in the stories, but why do I want to write about death? I could say that there is some deep meaning, some deep statement that I am trying to make about life and death… but really, I am probably just trying to work through my own issues with death, grief, and loss. The first funeral I remember attending was my grandfather’s funeral when I was just a toddler. The next funeral after that was the funeral of a guy I was dating when I was seventeen. It was devastating. I’ve had to attend a couple of funerals since then, but I really just don’t handle them well. Any funeral, any death… I have a very bad and overly emotional reaction. I pretty much do everything I can to avoid it all. But of course, death is a part of life, something we have to learn to accept. I guess that writing about death and funerals is my way of trying to learn to accept it and my feelings towards it.

Other than this blogpost, I have not been able to write yet today. This morning and afternoon I was busy with mundane day job work. But, as soon as I post this I will be switching over to Scrivener and putting my nose to the grindstone.

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Write on, Writers!

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