NaNoWriMo 2018 Day One

Yesterday was the longest day ever. It was so hard waiting for the clock to strike midnight, the start of National Novel Writing Month. I’ve been preparing, plotting, outlining my NaNoWriMo for months now and I reached the point where there was nothing left to do but start writing.

friendzone michelle c hillstromThis year my NaNoWriMo project is a New Adult Contemporary Romance Novel called, Friendzone. Friendzone is the story of Mikayla and Taylor who have known each other since elementary school. Their friendship has had its ups and downs due to cliques and trying to figure out who they are, and where they fit in.  When Mikayla and Taylor end up at the same college, they leave their past behind and become best friends. However, as with many male – female relationships things become complicated as feelings grow beyond just friends. Can men and women ever really just be friends? But more importantly, is that really all they want to be?

The idea for Friendzone grew out of one of my own friendships from elementary school. There was a boy that was always in the same class as me, almost always assigned to sit beside me. We played basketball together, rode bikes together, and just always somehow seemed to be thrown together. My parents would always tease me saying that he and I would end up getting married one day. However, our friendship changed once we moved on to junior high. We drifted apart and ended up no longer being friends. This novel sort of developed out of the idea of what might have happened if we had somehow managed to become friends once again.

This idea has been brewing in the back of my mind for a couple of years, and like I said muse nanowrimo writerearlier I am so prepared to write it. Waiting to start writing until the kickoff of National Writing Month has been torturous. If you are a true writer in your soul, you know that it can be painful when you are ignoring your Muse and not writing. I told my family yesterday and mentioned in my Instagram stories that it felt like the words were crawling beneath my skin and were going to pop out of my pores if I didn’t start writing soon. Do you have any idea how loud and annoying an ignored Muse is?

At ten o’clock last night the LubbockWriMo Kickoff Party started. (Finally!) We met at a local market that stays open for twenty-four hours, has a coffee shop, lots of tables, and free wi-fi – all the things that a writer needs. We had a good turn out at the event, about twenty people showed up.Nanowrimo kickoff party

I stayed at the event writing until about 1am. By that time my back was done for, but I did some more writing when I got home last night and managed two get 2,104 words written. Once I am done writing and positing this blogpost I plan to get some more writing done. I am using today to give myself a good cushion since I know that I won’t have a chance to do much writing on Thanksgiving. Planning ahead, folks!

I’ve also created this FB & IG story template to introduce your name and NaNoWriMo Project. Use it if you like!facebook instagram nanowrimo template

On Instagram I am participating in two challenges. #IgWritersNov and #IGWritersNaNo. Today’s prompt on #IGWritersNov asks what my goals are for November. Here is the list that I have compiled.goals list #igwritersnov

Subscribe to it's a writer's life for meHow is your first day of NaNoWriMo going? Have you reach your word count goals? What is the name and genre of your novel? What are your November Goals? Tell me in the comments!

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Write on, Writers!

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