Write About It Wednesday – Down With The Sickness

Happy Write About It Wednesday, Writers! I hope you are having a creative and productive week this far.

This week my family has been passing around a sore throat, which is the inspiration for this week’s writing prompts. Plagues, illnesses, diseases, and cancers have all played a huge role in history of our world, contributing to the deaths of millions and millions of people. Due to the impact illnesses have had on humanity, writers obviously use illness and sickness in their story writing.

This week’s Write About It Wednesday topic is: sickness.

  1. Write about a child who is sick and in the hospital.
  2. Write about a doctor who cures a previously untreatable disease.
  3. Write about biologic warfare having unexpected consequences.


Using sickness in your writing can make a story heart-warming, sad, or dark and twisted depending on how you choose to use it.

How will you use these prompts? Will your protagonist make a miraculous recovery? Will humanity be wiped out?

Tell me in the comments!

Happy Writing!

Write On, Writers!

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