Write About It Wednesday – Mythical Creatures

a glimmer of hopeI’ve been reading a book called A Glimmer of Hope by Steve McHugh. In the book there are many mythical and magical creatures. This book serves as the inspiration for this week’s Write About It Wednesday.

Every good fantasy book or story needs a mythical/magical creature or two.

Therefore, our topic this week for our writing prompts is Mythical Creatures.

  1. Write about a creature who received his/her acceptance letter to Madame Mysterios School for Magical and Mythical Creatures.
  2. Write about the first creature who discovered that humans are real.
  3. Write about and create your own Mythical and Magical Creature.


I hope these prompts get your creative juices flowing. I’d love to read some of the stories when you’re done writing. Share them with me in the comments by linking your post!

Write on, Writers!

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