Write About It Wednesday – Animal Parts

Hello Writers! Welcome to Write About It Wednesday! Inspiration is everywhere if only you open your eyes and ears and allow yourself to be inspired. Today’s Write About It Wednesday topic was inspired by a video I saw on Facebook the other day about a woman who makes hoof shoes for cosplayers.


Your Write About It Wednesday – Animal Parts Prompts:

  1. Write about a woman who has always been afraid of swimming. When she finally does go into the ocean to swim for the first time her legs turn into a mermaid tail.
  2. Write about a man who wakes up to discover someone has replaced his legs with the legs of an animal.
  3. Write about a person who became obsessed with plastic surgery, but it took a dark turn and now they have the face of an animal/creature.


What kind of stories will you be writing with these prompts? Fantasy, horror, sci-fi? Tell me in the comments!

Write on, Writers!

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