Write About It Wednesday: Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Hump Day, Writers! Welcome to Write About It Wednesday! This Sunday is the biggest sporting event in America. The Super Bowl. On Sunday, February the 4th the Philadelphia Eagles will battle against the New England Patriots in an epic game of football. Meanwhile, families and friends around the country will gather together in front of their televisions to watch the game. They will cookout hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecue chicken, and smoke briskets. They’ll order an enormous amount of pizza and giant sandwiches. Consume massive amounts of chips and dips and all the tasty snacks. (Can you tell my favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday is the food? Well, the food and the commercials. HaHa!) Emotions will rise and fall based upon how the favored team is playing. Fights will be had, couples will fall in love, money will be won and lost. It’s like the whole country stops what they normally do and comes together over this one football game.

It can make for some great storytelling! Which is why this week, our Write About It Super Bowl 2018Wednesday Topic is: Super Bowl Sunday!

  1. Write about a couple who is rooting for opposing teams during the Super Bowl.
  2. Write about the Super Bowl from the POV of a football player on one of the teams.
  3. Write about your favorite Super Bowl Sunday experience.

Have you found Write About It Wednesdays helpful to your writing process? We want to know! How will you be spending Super Bowl Sunday? Tell us in the comments. And don’t forget to swing by the It’s A Writer’s Life For Me Shop to find some awesome gear!

We’ll see you Friday for Free Topic Friday. This week we will be covering Synopses.

Write On, Writers!

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