The Sleepy Little Zombie

Some fellow writer friends challenged me to write for ten minutes about a sleepy zombie. I thought a sleepy zombie sounded like something out of a child’s bedtime story, so I decided to try and create a children’s book. This as written purely as a writing challenge for myself as I have never written a short story, let alone a short children’s story.

The Sleepy Little Zombie

As the day drew to an end, the Little Zombie’s mom called him home to the graveyard. It was time to stop playing pretend.

The little zombie had played hard that day. He and his friends pretended to be humans. It was their favorite game to play.

Dark began to fall when the Little Zombie returned to the crypt.

His mom had made his favorite brains.

He ate it all. He liked the way brains dripped.

With his tummy full. His eyes began to droop.

Just as the old hoot owl let out its first hoot.

The Little Zombie was sleepy now. Time for bed was near.

Momma Zombie said, “Off to bed now, it’s getting late my dear.”

With a sleepy little yawn

The Little Zombie went to bed.

He slept like the dead

until dawn.

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