Review for “The Van Birch Incident: A Rock Star Romance (The Incident Series Book 1)” by Marla Holt

the van birch incident coverAbout The Van Birch Incident: A Rock Star Romance (The Incident Series Book 1) by Marla Holt

Van Birch: Pop Star. A-list starlet. Off-limits.

Clay Noble has spent the better part of a decade avoiding his taboo obsession: His stepsister Van. In love with her since the first time he’d heard her sing, even shipping himself off to the army couldn’t stop thoughts of her. Now that he’s lost everything in a tornado, he’s forced to move back in with the only family he has left, Van and her dad. Sleeping down the hall from her is forcing every unwanted impulse back to the surface.

Clay Noble: Gorgeous. Infuriating. Untouchable.

Everything Van touches turns to gold with a side of outrageous. When she accuses her manager of sexual assault, the public thinks it’s just another one of her publicity stunts and the backlash is brutal. Wounded, she dashes home to a tornado-devastated Wellville, Kansas to heal and help rebuild, even though the constant stream of social media doubts and threats won’t let her rest. But there’s another reason for her sleepless nights and fevered dreams. Clay is back, hotter than ever, and his lingering glances and stolen moments have her convinced the feelings she’s fought for so long may not be one sided after all.

The Van Birch Incident marries forbidden romance, bordering on taboo with a little danger and a guaranteed happily ever after, while exploring how social media and real life collide in a post #metoo world where the internet never sleeps.


My Review:

five star rating its a writers life for me book review

First, I have to say that Marla Holt is one of those authors whose books are one-click books for me ALL THE TIME. I don’t even have to read the blurb. What? Marla Holt wrote another book??? BUY NOW! And with The Van Birch Incident she lived up to my expectations. She definitely hit another one out of the park.indie books the van birch incident

As an advocate for the #MeToo Movement, I have to applaud Ms. Holt for writing this timely story. It’s important for stories like this to be shared because they paint a picture of the reality that so many people live with daily. With that being said, “The Incident” in the beginning of the book and the subsequent fallout was definitely hard to read. It was raw, real, and emotional. Ms. Holt covered that subject matter with care and respect while allowing for the heinous nature of the incident and Van’s pain to shine through.

I love Van and Clay and the supporting cast of characters. They are strong, real, emotional – easy characters to connect with a root for. I love watching them fight their feelings! It’s so hot!

Ms. Holt had me crying, laughing, and swooning with The Van Birch Incident. One-click this book and be prepared to make Clay your next book boyfriend and wish you could be BFFs with Van.

++ Make sure you are in a good head space before reading because of the triggering nature of some scenes.


Buy The Van Birch Incident: A Rock Star Romance (The Incident Series Book 1) by Marla Holt here.

Learn more about The Van Birch Incident: A Rock Star Romance (The Incident Series Book 1) and Marla Holt here.

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