Review for “Right Princess (Modern Princess Collection #3)” by Autumn Archer

right princess by autumn archer it's a writer's life for me

About Right Princess (Modern Princess Collection #3) by Autumn Archer

From #1 best selling author, Autumn Archer comes a light hearted best friends to lovers romance you will adore.

She has an epic crush… on the wrong guy. 

Her father is demanding she marry a wealthy man, but Ada wants mad love and belly flutters. Her roomies big brother, Cicero, is rich and fits the bill for a Daddy approved husband. Her crush on him grows each time he swings by the dorm, turning her butterflies into flutters. Problem is, he is dating someone else.

Ada’s best friend, Theo, is a simple guy. A talented man who manages the student bar, and also happens to be her boss. He’s the all American guy every girl dreams of. Super hot, muscular and rides a motorcycle. But they’re friends and nothing more.

A VIP pool party changes everything. Ada wakes up the next morning with a guilty conscience.

Who did she kiss?

And why is Theo leaving town?

Download Right Princess now to see Ada get her HEA.


My Review:

4 star book review

This is the first book I’ve read from Autumn Archer.Right Princess by Autumn Archer Flat Lay Book Review

It’s a fun, quick Princess and the Pea inspired story.

This is a friends-to-lovers, everyone can see it but them, mild steam romance.

Ada is in lust with her roommates brother (Cicero) while ignoring the fact that the right guy for her (Theo her best friend) has been in front of her all along.

Ada, Theo, and Cicero drove me nuts with their tantrums and inability to communicate – this kept the angst level up throughout the story. Seriously, you’re going to want to shake these characters for being too stubborn to just sit down and talk to each other.

Overall, I liked the book, recommend it to readers who enjoy friends-to-lovers, and I will read more books from Autumn Archer in the future.


Learn more about Right Princess (Modern Princess Collection#3) and Autumn Archer here.

Pre-Order Right Princess (Modern Princess Collection #3) by Autumn Archer here. Book releases on May 20, 2020.

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