Write About It Wednesday: Isolation

Happy Write About It Wednesday and April Fool’s Day, Writers! We’ve finally made it to April after what felt like the longest March ever! I hope you are all staying healthy and safe out there in the world. Washing your hands, not touching your face, and staying six feet away from everyone.

The virus has started to hit hard here in my hometown. Not like in some places, but it seems like its definitely spreading rapidly. The causes of confirmed COVID-19 has reached double digits and we’ve had two deaths attributed to the illness.

Since I am immuno-compromised I have been diligent about staying isolated and washing my hands to the point that they’re so dry they’re peeling and cracking. (oops). I haven’t been in public in about three weeks and even though I am an introvert, the isolation is starting to make me a little loony.

the-possessive-kissYesterday, I was a part of a huge online event called Quarantine-o-ween. The event was put on by my group The Spooky Bitches of Lubbock along with Horror Web and was sponsored by Dark Mother Co and Nightmare on 19th Street.  During the event I read an excerpt from my book The Possessive Kiss ( Book Two of The Kiss Series). The excerpt I read takes place during a Halloween Masquerade Ball, so I thought it was a fitting choice. Throughout the event spooky crafts were made, cocktails were consumed, spooky comics and video games were discussed, spooky makeup was applied, there was burlesque, and a 1000 year old vampire as well as Jason Voorhees made guest appearances.

That event definitely helped break up the monotony of isolation.instagram april isolation challenge

Speaking of isolation. On Instagram, today marks the beginning of #AestheticWipUpApril Challenge created by @iamcawright and myself. This month’s theme is Isolation.

And today’s Write About It Wednesday theme is also Isolation!

Write About:

1. How isolation has been affecting you the past month.

2. A character isolated from the world.

3. A character who has just emerged from being isolated.

4. Another time in your past when you have been or felt isolated.

5. An isolated landscape.

Subscribe to it's a writer's life for meAre you an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? How are you handling the isolation? Are you working from home or still out in the workplace?

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Write on, Writers!

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