Write About It Wednesday: Virus

Happy Write About It Wednesday, Writers! It’s been quite a while since we have done one of these, but since I am sitting at home with a lot of spare time on my hands just like most of y’all, I figure now is a good time to bring them back.

Taking our topic from current events and the current pandemic that is sweeping the globe, today’s prompts all center around Virus.

So far, things haven’t been too different for me with social-distancing since I’m an introvert who works from home a lot of the time anyway. However, since I have autoimmune diseases and am at a greater risk for catching the virus and complications if I were to get the virus, I’ve been even more locked away and isolated than usual. However, my parents, friends, and siblings have definitely been affected. My mother is now teaching her students online. Almost all of the non-essential businesses around my town have shut down and the store shelves are barebones. We did our grocery shopping online for the first time last week (social-distancing win!).

Stay safe and healthy out there everyone!

Stay home if you can, flatten the curve, stop the spread, and these Write About It Wednesday: Virus Prompts:

  1. Write about a zombie virus.
  2. Write about a historical virus pandemic.
  3. Write about how this current virus is affecting you and your family.
  4. Write about a scientist working to find a cure for a virus.
  5. Write about a magical virus.
  6. Write about an apocalypse brought on by a virus.
  7. Write about a post-virus dystopian society.

Subscribe to it's a writer's life for meHow have you been handling this pandemic so far? Are you on lock down (shelter-in-place) at home or are things still pretty normal for you? Do you or anyone you know have COVID-19?

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Until next time,

Write on, Writers!

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