Review for “The Publicist (Hollywood Lust #1)” by Cara Wade

the publicist coverAbout The Publicist (Hollywood Lust #1) by Cara Wade

He’s the bad boy Hollywood loves to hate. She’s been hired to “fix” his image. Too bad she doesn’t date her clients

Quinn Harrison

I’m the biggest bitch in the industry, and I’m proud of my title. I work my size twelve curves and don’t take crap from anyone.

Imagine my luck when I’m selected out of hundreds of publicity professionals to work with bad boy Caleb Evanstan. He’s one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities and is totally off limits.

I have a hard rule about mixing business with pleasure… but one taste couldn’t hurt, right?

Caleb Evanstan

I’m every girl’s fantasy and I know it.

I’m in a bad spot with the movie studio, and they want me to clean up my act. Imagine my surprise when the studio sends over the one girl who makes me want to change my ways. She’s hot-headed, intelligent, and has sexy curves—everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman.

The only problem? She’s labeled herself off limits, and I want to break down her resolve.

Who says love in Hollywood is only lust?


My Review:


Hot alpha/celebrity romance!

I loved the h with her sassiness, take no bs attitude, and I like that she is a size 12.

The H was moody and stubborn and possessive and overprotective- all the things I love.

Good banter and chemistry between the H & h.


Learn more about The Publicist and Cara Wade here.

Buy The Publicist here.

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