Review for “Naive in Love” by Tori Alvarez

naive in loveAbout Naive in Love by Tori Alvarez

How do you know what love is if you have never experienced it? Love or infatuation? How’s one to tell?
Sophia is having trouble navigating these new experiences during her first year in college. Each time someone tells her to follow her heart, she is even more confused and frustrated. Away from home and her friends, she needs to figure out who she is.



My Review:


I really enjoyed reading Naive in Love by Tori Alvarez.
I personally found myself able to relate to the protagonist, Sophia, on so many levels as she struggled to transition into college life as a freshman, and struggled to find herself. Her insecurities and bad choices were like reliving my own early college years.
Also, Ethan is just 100% yummy and amazing. Caleb… YIKES! Red flags everywhere that many women cringe at as they think back on their own Calebs.

Things I loved:

Sophia’s realness and relatability as an insecure college freshman.
Swoony Ethan
The storyline

Things I didn’t like:

As a Texan, I can’t think of a single Texan who says “you all” instead of “y’all.” Small thing, but it bugged me every time.
The book could have used another round of editing for some errors and condensing of unneeded exposition.
Formatting issues with the paragraphs that made me have to go back and re-read to figure out who was speaking.
Finally, I just felt that the story/Epilogue ended in just a really weird place.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves college romances and anyone who can relate to being that insecure college freshman.


Learn more about Naive Love and Tori Alvarez here.

Buy Naive in Love here.

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