Other Books by Michelle Hillstrom

Other books by Michelle C. Hillstrom outside of her popular Kiss Series.


Insomnia – A Book of Poetry

Insomnia is a collection of poetry by author Michelle C. Hillstrom.
It is at night when we lay in the dark, waiting to fall asleep, that our thoughts can drift off and begin thinking about the things we try to push away in the light of day.
The dark thoughts and feelings. The experiences we don’t want to remember. The dark begets dark.
Is Insomnia to blame for the thoughts that creep in at night or is the Insomnia a side effect of a dark mind?
The poems within this anthology are late night insomniatic musings covering topics of relationships, love, pain, creativity, the Marine Corps, and life.
Sexual assault, depression, and suicide are also frequent topics. Because of this we wish to inform possible readers to proceed with caution. Michelle C. Hillstrom believes that these are timely topics that unfortunately too many people, including herself, have been touched by.
Michelle C. Hillstrom wrote these poems spanning a time period of seventeen years. Many were written in the middle of the night when her brain refused to quiet down and allow her to sleep — thus the inspiration for the title.
We hope you enjoy: Insomnia.


#Metoo#MeToo: A Collection of True Story Crimes Against Women

MeToo: A Collection of True Story Crimes Against Women is a collection of True Story Experiences written in women’s own words. These poems and stories chronicle crimes and the effects that the experiences had on each woman.

This collection details:

  • -Sexual harassment
  • -Rape/Assault
  • -Sexual, Emotional, and Physical Abuse
  • -Stalking

Michelle C. Hillstrom chose to compile this collection of stories to share her own #metoo stories as well as to give a voice to women every where who had stories to share. For the women who had been brave and strong enough to speak up at the time and for the women who have suffered for years in silence. For the victims, the survivors, and the people who feel alone in their pain. This book is to show you that you’re not alone.Proceeds from the sales of this collection will be donated to help sexual assault survivors.


The Release of Silencethe release of silence book cover

The Release of Silence is a collection of poems and short stories that focus on battling mental health illnesses. Each story is focused on hope within the struggle and works towards releasing the silence around the taboo of mental illness. The anthology features contributions from around the world and across a broad spectrum of mental wellness.

All proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, an organization devoted to funding research into mental health and wellbeing that will benefit many mental health warriors in the future.

Featuring works from authors:

  • Ennis Rook Bashe
  • Sheri Brown
  • Shel Calopa
  • Manasa D
  • Michelle C. Hillstrom
  • A Leaf Himes
  • Will K
  • Sammi LaBue
  • Jessica Madden
  • Avery McDougall
  • Annie James Thomas


FRIENDZONEfriendzone book cover

To get out of the Friendzone, you’ve got to shoot your shot…

Taylor Echols… He’s my mortal enemy. My boyfriend’s best friend. He bullied me in middle school and has ignored me for all of high school. But when tragedy strikes and I experience an unexpected loss, he is shockingly there for me – comforting me and reminding me about all the good things in life. Now he has me feeling complicated and confusing emotions. I’m so close to trusting him – to wanting him. I’m feeling things I didn’t think I could ever feel again. Feeling things for Taylor I would never have imagined possible. He’s here with me every day making me laugh, supporting my dreams, and cheering me on. He’s earning back my trust, my friendship, and my heart piece by piece. But is this new Taylor the real Taylor? Can I trust him with my heart? There’s a fine line between love and hate. Taylor Echols and I have walked side by side, flirting with that line our whole lives.

Mikayla Hightower… She’s the girl who has always been too good for me. Unattainable. My best friend’s girl. All I want to do is make her smile, but my past mistakes make her wary of trusting me. My loyalty to my best friend makes me feel guilty for the way I look at her and think about her – for all the things I want to do with her and to her. Not that it matters. I don’t do girlfriends. I have to stay focused on basketball, school, getting into a good college, and drafted into the NBA. Mikayla’s pull is strong, though. All she has to do is flash that smile with that damn dimple and I’m wrapped around her pinky finger. She might just be enough to have me rearranging my priorities. Jordan would understand, right?

FRIENDZONE is a 96,000 word, full-length novel and is part one of a series. There is a cliff hanger. HEA guaranteed by end of book two.

Tropes in FRIENDZONE include:

  • Athlete / Jock Romance
  • Best Friend’s Lover
  • Friends-to-lovers / Frenemies-to-lovers
  • Childhood friends
  • Everyone can see it except them
  • Love triangle

Recommended for 18+ Content Warning for grief, survivor’s guilt, depression, teen drinking, strong language, and explicit sex scenes (all sex scenes are consensual and all characters featured in them are over the age of 18).

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